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Rejuvenate your face without surgery, lasers, or downtime!

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Microdermabrasion is a skin renewal treatment that erases skin layers at varying depths in a precise manner that minimizes skin trauma. This latest technology that does deep exfoliation cleans out blocked pores and enhances the skin tone.

Able to treat skin condition which skincare products cannot treat, its non-invasive, gentle exfoliation with genuine micro diamond crystal tips is the most effective way to your skin rejuvenation treatment.
A safe, gentle and affordable process that smoothes and freshens your skin, the Diamond Peel works equally well on all colours of skin and virtually any area of the body and is effective for reduce acne scar, chicken pox scar, large pore, wrinkles, pigmentation marks, freckles, dull skin, oily congested skin, loose skin, sun-damaged skin and stretch marks.

It is hassle free, no pain, no downtime, safe and comfortable

Rejuvenate your face without surgery, lasers, or downtime!

Wrinkles and loose skin can take its toll on your looks. Even healthy and active people eventually show signs of aging on their faces. Since it’s the most important visual feature of your body, it’s important to keep your face fresh and youthful.