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Blossom Beauty House Skin-Care

Make BEAUTIFUL Skin A Reality

by Blossom Beauty House

Skin Care

Radiant. Youthful. Glowing.

Blossom Beauty House Waxing

Beautiful From Head to Toe

Safe and effective treatment for all skin types

Underarm Waxing

Flawless. Smooth. Hair-free.

Blossom Beauty House Body-Message

Find The Balance Within

by Blossom Beauty House

Body Massage

Relax. Comfort. Healing.

Blossom Beauty House Body Contour

Achieve Your Dream Body

Reveals your true, best self!

Body Contour

Sexy. Tone up. Stunning.

Relax, Revive and Renew @ Blossom Beauty House!

As a premier beauty house that specializes in face and body care, we are committed to your total body wellness by delivering the finest in beauty experience.

So start to pamper yourself with a relaxing, enjoyable day and allow our expertly trained professionals to cater to your every need.

Come visit us to experience the finest and most luxurious beauty products and services available at Blossom Beauty House.

Look your absolute best!

Our Services

Facial Services

Blossom Facial Treatment

Our facial treatments include a consultation and skin analysis to design a customized programme that will best fit your skin type and skin care needs.

Body Treatments

Blossom Message Treatment

Our Body Treatments are performed by professional therapist who is trained to identify your body’s specific needs and trouble spots giving you an utmost relaxation.

Beauty Services

Blossom Beauty Treatment

We provide comprehensive beauty services using only the best skin care products and the most luxurious experience to ensure a truly indulgent and holistic experience.

Body Services

Blossom Body Treatment

We are devoted to helping women from all walks of life and rediscover their self-confidence and natural beauty through our specially formulated total body care beauty regimen.

Special Promotion

Fat Freezing Treatment

naturally destroy and
ultimately dispose fat cells

Say "Bye Bye" to stubborn fats


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